Urban Farming

We like to make things from scratch. If there is one trend that describes our kitchen, it’s that more and more of what we eat has come from our own hands. This year, we decided that the time has come for our garden to get more of the made-from-scratch treatment.

Inspired by the Heirloom Expo and Baker Creek Seed Bank, we’re sprouting a little garden ”from scratch”: from heirloom seeds. We are lucky enough to live in one of the few Mediterranean climates of the world, where stuff just grows. We have a porch that gets the right environment to have successfully grown cherry tomatoes, peas, green beans, basil, oregano, mint, and even a dwarf Meyer lemon tree, all more or less in spite of our novice gardening skills. It has even resurrected a few watercress orphans, which I planted on a whim after I used their leaves for salads. I would love to grow all of my own fruits and veggies, but we know where that would lead to. Exercising restraint (or some, anyway) we’ve cobbled together an indoor greenhouse to sprout a few varieties of small tomatoes, a red pepper, cinnamon basil, and nasturtiums.

OK, you got me: while not a vegetable, the nasturtiums made it in there because I wanted some climbing flowers and didn’t want to sacrifice edible garden space. Nasturtiums create edible blossoms – with nasturtiums, you can have your flowers and eat them too. Continue reading