Why you just don’t see some things made from scratch.

I have to admit: I have a penchant for making things from as fundamental and raw ingredients as possible. While some people like to prepare from scratch for special occasions, I tend to do it for that rare occasion called “Tuesday”. I can certainly cook, and I enjoy it, but there’s something of the engineer in me that likes the precision of activities like baking, where the process is a bit more rigorous. There is a healthy population of people who are like me in this respect: homebrewers fuss over wort temperatures and measures of liquid gravity, artisanal bakers make their own sourdough bread from carefully maintained cultures, micro chocolate makers fuss over the perfect blend of terroir in their cocoa.

OK, that last one is a bit more esoteric than the others, but that hobby really does exist. I know from experience: I do all of those things. Yep, that’s me. Food nerd.

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