The Vegan Roadie Episode 3: Boston, MA

This week we head east with The Vegan Roadie to discover vegan offerings in Boston, MA.

Meet Kyle Rusconi and Onur Ozkoc, the folks behind Cocobeet, where Dustin did his first solo juice cleanse. Cocobeet goes beyond juice and offers salads, sandwiches, and boasts the Healthiest Breakfast in Boston, a warm quinoa bowl with fruit, nuts and almond milk.

Dustin also takes a tour of 7-Eleven to show us how he keeps it vegan on the road even when a convenience store is the only thing for miles.

Season’s Eatings: Cauliflower

White Cauliflower  |  The Knife & Fork Project

I hated cauliflower as a kid. Just a boring, bland waste of space on a veggie tray. Flavorless, albino broccoli.

Like many food groups that I disliked growing up, I have discovered that, if I revisit them, there is almost always at least one preparation that I’ve found delicious. Lately, this has inspired me to re-evaluate foods I once thought of as dull. I have been pleasantly surprised that cauliflower has been among those successful experiments, and am now a little bit obsessed.

It started with cauliflower’s charismatic, Fibonacci-shaped, chartreuse cousin, Romanesco. Being the color and design nerd that I am, I almost didn’t care what it was going to taste like when I made an impulse purchase at the Farmers Market. It was intriguing to separate the florets, and tasted a bit like cauliflower, but slightly different somehow. Curious, I visited The Google to learn how exactly the two are related. They belong to the cabbage family, along with broccoli, kale, collards, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi. A curious group, all of which I love. Except for that monotonous white cauliflower. I decided cauliflower deserved another chance.

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The Vegan Roadie Episode 2: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Things are warming up as we travel with The Vegan Roadie to southern Florida. Here’s a little preview of what’s featured:

Elena Pezzo and Charlie Grippo are the masterminds behind Green Bar & Kitchen, sharing their passion for positive and nutritious eating practices with the likes of brown rice, quinoa and chickpea burgers and vegan versions of Sunday Brunch fare.

PAC Pastries believes that everyone deserves a delicious cupcake or cinnamon roll indulgence every now and then, regardless of allergies and dietary restrictions. This organic, vegan and gluten free bakery roams by food truck, but can also be found at Tunies, Oceana Coffee, Raw Jūce, Green Bar & Kitchen, and BC Cafe. Shelbey Ganzel and her team can also be summoned to cater your next event.

Sublime Restaurant & Bar began as an effort to reduce animal cruelty, particularly with regards to concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and other animal agriculture-related issues. Nanci Alexander is president and founder of The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, and uses 100% of Sublime’s profits to support animal welfare and plant-based lifestyles for Fort Lauderdale locals.

Check out Episode 2 below!