Man vs. Cleanse

The Knife & Fork Project extends a warm welcome to our guest blogger, The Vegan Roadie. This post is the second in a series that Dustin Harder will be contributing as he creates a road map across America for the vegan and veg-curious. Check out his website and his videos at


Often when you travel for a living, your eating habits, schedule and rituals can get a little mucked up from time to time. I’m constantly trying new restaurants and food for my blog at and I often let my brain convince me that because I am doing this it’s okay to order that appetizer AND dessert along with my entrée. Amazing how your brain can hijack you like that, isn’t it? Being on the road is an extreme circumstance put on your life; you are away from your circle of friends, your loved ones, your pets and your schedule is ever-changing. Nothing is stable; you have to create your stability. Some people do it, though it’s a difficult task. When you are faced with these extreme circumstances, for many people food and alcohol become a comfort. This is not something that only happens to working travelers, I’m aware. But believe me when I tell you the cravings are intensified when you are on the road, and all too often we gypsies give in and order that pizza at 11:00 PM because we just did a show, we feel lonely, we feel an intense desire for comfort, everybody else is doing it and gosh darn it…we’re just HUNGRY.

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