Happy Birthday, Julia!

Today, on the Knife & Fork Project Blog:

We’re celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday!

Photo credit: John Chiasson

Lady's about to lay some smack down on those eggs.

Julia was born August 15, 1912, which would make her 100 years old today. Sadly, she passed away in 2004, but she was really a founder of food on television and of Americans getting a taste of what making their own food from scratch and without processed ingredients could really be like. Her single-take cooking shows – originally due to budget constraints, but later because it had become her signature style – are classics and hold up as great entertainment and solid instruction to this day. Watching her attempt to construct a soufflé without it collapsing or unmold a flan from a sticky pan, or using her arm to sweep counters clean directly onto the floor so that she could show us something else in that space – she was a true individual who showed us that cooking can be anarchy, but anarchy can be fun.

So we salute her with an all-Julia meal, taken directly from Mastering the Art of French Cooking:

© Knife & Fork Project

That stew takes 5 hours to make. Worth every second.

© Knife & Fork Project

Eat it before it collapses? Not a problem.

Our toque’s off to you, Julia Child. May your legacy continue to inspire generations of Americans to get their hands dirty throwing raw chickens around a kitchen and stuffing their own saucisson.

Bon appetit!

- The Knife & Fork Project Team

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