The Vegan Roadie Episode 1: Ann Arbor, MI

We had the great pleasure of visiting The Lunchroom in October 2013, shortly after they opened their doors. We even sat at the very same table where Joel Panozzo, Phillis Engelbert and Dustin Harder chatted and sampled some of their delicious vegan fare for the first official episode of The Vegan Roadie.

The Lunchroom is dedicated to providing from-scratch vegan fare with a focus on environmental sustainability, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. They use their menu to demonstrate the incredible versatility of plants, transforming them into diverse cuisines and cooking up both faithful stand-ins for meat and dairy dishes and original vegan recipes.

Check out Dustin’s trip to The Lunchroom and get started viewing The Vegan Roadie with the first official episode!

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