The Vegan Roadie Episode 8: Denver, CO

The Mile-High City is chock full of vegan offerings. These are just a sampling from Dustin’s visit.

Native Foods Café bridges the fast food world with vegan fare with their 100% plant-based menu, striving to includes sustainable and earth-friendly practices. They’re also working to build community with their Native Pals Day, when once a month, a portion of your purchase supports the protection of our ocean environment or humane animal treatment advocacy programs. Not near Denver? You can visit one of their other locations in Southern California, Colorado, Oregon, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Virginia.

WaterCourse Foods is a local staple for Denver vegans. Their delectable vegan comfort food menu also strives to reduce negative environmental impact by recycling everything they can, including fryer oil that is converted into bio-diesel. They make all of their own vegan desserts at WaterCourse Bakery, next door to their (vegetarian and vegan-friendly) sister restaurant City o’ City.

For those hard-to-find vegan ingredients, Dustin visited NOOCH Vegan Market to find some local items for his 5-Ingredient Challenge. NOOCH focuses on bringing as many local vendors, farmers and distributors to their shelves as they can, and is a great community resource for education and vegan staples. Visit on a Wednesday from 5:00 PM–close for 10% off your purchase. A market with a happy hour? That’s my kind of grocery shopping.

And, let’s not forget the continuous hunt for the elusive vegan doughnut. Beet Box Bakery & Café offers a wide variety of baked vegan doughnuts – if ever I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll be trying the chocolate pumpkin!

Watch Episode 8 below, and visit The Vegan Roadie website to read more about Dustin’s tasty adventures.

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