The Vegan Roadie, Season Two!

Good news, vegi-vores!

If you enjoyed following Dustin Harder’s tasty travels in The Vegan Roadie web series, you can help make Season Two possible by contributing to his Kickstarter project until March 2, 2016. Tentative filming locations for the upcoming episodes include¬†Seattle, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, New Orleans, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, Syracuse, Madison, Kansas City and Portland.

Season One Recap:
S1E1: Ann Arbor, MI
S1E2: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
S1E3: Boston, MA
S1E4: St. Louis, MO
S1E5: Indianapolis, IN
S1E6: Philadelphia, PA
S1E7: Austin, TX
S1E8: Denver, CO
S1E9: San Francisco Bay Area

Don’t want to wait until Season Two for your vegan YouTubing? The Vegan Roadie has also been producing another series, OMG! That’s Vegan?!. You can also get the latest news by following The Vegan Roadie on various social media platforms and by visiting the website.

We wish Dustin and his team all the best as they dive into their new adventures!

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